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Skowood Pre-order Boards

5 boards from each mold are available. You can choose one of 6 shapes, one of 4 full-dip colors and one of 4 engravings. Your board will be finished and sent in 7 days from your order.

Shapes: Popsicle 29.5mm, Popsicle 32mm, Popsicle 33.5mm, Modern 34mm, Oldschool 34mm, Wakeboard 34mm

Colours: White, Gold, Pink, Teal

Engravings: 1, 2, 3, 4

Please write chosen shape, color and engraving in the comments of your order!
If you want a board without paint or/and without any engraving please state that!

Popsicle 33.5mm, White, 2