• City: Antwerp, Belgium 
  • Fingerboarding Since: 2011
  • Spot: Bikerack
  • Trick: 540 Flip
  • Dish: Mexican
  • Music: Metalcore/Doom/Trash
  • Instagram: Catz.fb
  • YouTube: Yelte Soete
  • What is fingerboarding for you?

"Fingerboarding for me is meeting new people in the community and then actually meeting them in real life. But fingerboarding is also doing the fuck you want and not caring what "the mainstream" thinks of it. Just shred and have fun!"


  • City: Cracow, Poland
  • Fingerboarding Since: 2010
  • Spot: Homemade Ledge/Blackriver Iron Pipe Low
  • Trick: Nollie Heelflip/360 Pop Shove-it
  • Dish: Pizza
  • Music: Everything Sounds Good
  • Instagram: JakubSkowron666
  • YouTube: Jakub Skowron
  • What is fingerboarding for you?

"Great way to relax and meet new people."


  • City: Porto/Paredes, Portugal
  • Fingerboarding Since: 2013
  • Spot: Pateo Leons Spot
  • Trick: 360 Flip
  • Dish: Francesinha
  • Music: Old School Rap
  • Instagram: JoaoRegalo
  • YouTube: Só Regalo
  • What is fingerboarding for you?

"It's kind of culture, no one is judged by the kind of colour or gender or nationality. We are all one family."


  • City: Near Bochum
  • Fingerboarding Since: 2012
  • Spot: Flatface Bikerack/Homemade Granit Curb
  • Trick: Nollie 360 Flip/No Comply Frontside 180/Everything Stylish
  • Dish: Döner Kebap and Pizza
  • Music: German/English Underground Rap, especially Sadboys from Sweden
  • Instagram: Nessefb
  • YouTube: Felix Jansen
  • What is fingerboarding for you?

"Fingerboarding is a way of life for me, back when the scene was bigger I went to many contests with the WLFDM Crew and I also made a lot of new good friends because of fingerboarding."